10 Reasons You SHOULD Blog

KeyboardI’m a blogger and the more I do it, the more compelled I am to find reasons to continue to do it, because it does take time and effort.  So I’ve sat down and written ten reasons why I blog and why you should too.

1.    You should blog because it gives you leverage.  Most of us are used to narrow-casting; that is delivering our information, our talk, our book to a narrow group of people.  Blogging lets you broadcast and allows you to leverage the content you’re creating.

2.    You should blog because it allows you to define your own USP, which means your Unique Selling Proposition.  You have a unique take, a spin on whatever your expertise may be.  It may be in building widgets, or wiring phones or homes, or building cars; a thousand different things that will pique someone’s interest.  And it’s your unique spin on it, your unique selling proposition that other people will be attracted to if you’ll only be bold enough to focus and define, and then blog.

3.    You should blog because it allows you to control the look and feel of your brand.  Like it or not, we all are our own brand.  And unless you are proactive in defining the look and the feel of who you are, what you have, what you represent, what your business or your contribution is, what need you’re filling or hurt you’re healing, then other people will define it for you.

4.    You should blog because it allows other people access to your content 24/7/365.  It’s a brave, new, wall-less, wireless world, which means anyone, anywhere, anytime, even while you’re sleeping or resting, you can be contributing to the advancement of the good.

5.    You should blog if you have a compelling mission and compelling content to support it.  If your mission is compelling, then your content will be compelling because it will be something that comes out of your heart, a passion that will ooze over and out of your blog and the words and ideas that you present.

6.    You should blog because it’s free. Enough said.  Did I say it’s free?

7.    You should blog because it will attract supporters to you that otherwise would miss the opportunity to be a part of your mission.

8.    You should blog because it will attract critics. And oftentimes critics help us sharpen our voice, our perspectives, and our offerings.  Not all critics are there to make us bitter.  Some are there to make us better.

9.    You should blog because it’s a platform in which you can include so many other forms of communication like Twitter, YouTube, and a hundred other varieties of ways you can create content and send it out to people who will embrace it and you will ultimately have a movement.

10.    You should blog because it allows you to lead your tribe through change on to the new frontier.  We’re going through global transformation and reformation.  This is not a recession from which we will recover to the same old place.  We are at a brand new place, and I think with hope, faith, and a worthy cause, it’ll be the best place of all.  Blogging can help you communicate your story, hone your story to a razor’s edge so that you can be effective over the long term.

Welcome to blogging.  And did I say it’s free?

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