10 Signs You’re Living in LaLa Land

lala-landLife is short. You can’t afford to waste any of it. And yet too many people do, living in what I call LaLa Land. The land of “someday, maybe, if so, well I’ll get around to it.” Here are ten signs that you’re living in LaLa Land and you need to get out as soon as possible.

You’re living in LaLa Land if you…

1. Assume there is plenty of time to do the thing you should be doing. Assuming kills life and potential. Stop assuming and start doing. You may live another forty years. You may live another forty days. Take advantage of it.

2. You have no written goals.
When are you going to realize that what gets dated gets done? You need to hold yourself accountable.

3. You ignore your own mortality.
By that I mean you simply think you’re going to live forever, have enough time. You squander your opportunities, your wealth, your health, and your relationships. You will die one day and it could be soon. You are mortal. You will not live forever. Stop wasting the stuff of life.

4. You ignore the big God questions.
You are really doing yourself a disservice by assuming that one day you’ll have time for God, after you’ve lived your real life. The truth is, God is life. And without Him in your life as a core reality, everything else is just spinning your wheels.

5. You spend more than you make.
Debt is robbing your future for some fleeting satisfaction in the present, or worse, in the past. Avoid it at all costs.

6. You spend all that you make.
It’s another disaster, not saving up money for future investments and opportunities, or as we all know, the day you get down-sized, fired, or your job is eliminated altogether. You’ll need money to finance your transition.

7. You think you’re working for other people.
The truth of the matter is, you work for yourself everyday, no matter what company you go to. Forget that, and you’re really living in LaLa Land.

8. You aren’t learning new things.
The future will demand that you remain inquisitive, that you read, that you learn new skills. Things are changing too radically and if you’re not learning new things and preparing for the future, you will be left behind in LaLa Land.

9. You’re allowing past regrets, bitterness and unforgiveness to fill up way too much of your head space.
If there’s unfinished business in your past, get it dealt with, forgiven, put in the past. Forgive people. Let them go for your own sake.

10. You’re living in LaLa Land if you’re ignoring the awesome power of small changes done over time.
Don’t wait until you can make a huge transition to change. Make small ones now. We tend to overestimate what we can do in a short period of time and woefully underestimate what we can do over time.

Remember, it’s your life. You can live it in LaLa Land looking for that one day that your ship will come in. Or you can live each day deliberately. You are in control. These are your choices. It is your life and it will be what you make of it. You truly have great potential, but the sad fact is, most people die with their potential unrealized. Don’t let that be you.

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