10 Things Worth Forgetting to Remember

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. It is a time we stop and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice that you and I might live free. But I’ve discovered over time that memory can be a two-edged sword, for I tend to remember the things I should forget and forget the things I should remember. So in an effort to help you to remember what you ought to forget, let go, and put in the past, and also remember what you can’t afford to forget you need to hang onto; here are my two top 10 lists, both the things to forget and the things to remember:

10 things worth forgetting:

1. Forget the slight done to you
by some unthinking person. They’ve forgotten it a long time ago, so don’t let it hold you hostage in this present moment.

2. Forget comparing yourself
to other people in your profession, your family, or your group.

3. Forget the casual comment
someone has made about your appearance or something you’ve said in the past. Don’t let it stick in your mind and drive you crazy.

4. Forget past victories especially when they become anchors that keep you referring to the past, rather than stepping-stones that allow you to advance into the future.

5. Forget the hateful words and slights sent your way by someone either in anger toward you, or frustration in the moment.

6. Forget giving people a piece of your mind–you’re gonna need all you have and more to seize the great opportunities God will be sending your way in the near future.

7. Forget getting even–period. No one wins at that game and it’s a waste of time.

8. Forget about what everyone owes you
. No one owes you their love, their time, or attention. The people who give it to you do so out of love.

9. Forget appearing to be cool and always in control. Don’t be afraid to laugh, be silly and enjoy life. No one can be “on” all the time.

10. Forget about what might have been if only you’d gotten the job, or signed the deal, or if only you hadn’t gotten a divorce, or broken a relationship, or done something stupid. The “if only” road is a dead-end road. Forget about it!

10 things worth remembering:

1. Remember that God has been faithful
to you every day of your life and will continue to be. You can judge God’s future performance upon the past evidence.

2. Remember you’re not in competition with other people, only yourself. You only need be the best “you” you can possibly be.

3. Remember, God will not place more on you than you can bear. So whatever you’re facing today or in the near future, God will be there to give you the strength when you need it.

4. Remember the future will be better
if you want it to be better. It all depends on how you choose. You make the choice to be bitter or better.

5. Remember your attitude is showing everywhere you go, so make it a winning one.

6. Remember no one owes you a thing, not even your momma, and especially not God. God loves you because He’s made that choice and in that choice, He’s given you the greatest gift anyone in the world could give you.

7. Remember everything, everyday, and everyone is a gift from God to be savored and enjoyed.

8. Remember people matter more than machines, dates, deadlines and getting our way in the moment.

9. Remember to live now.
It’s the only thing you have guaranteed. That’s why we call it the present. Wake up and live today to its fullest.

10. Remember to choose to be happy;
anything less is beneath you!

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