3 Signs You Can’t Handle the Loot

Who among us thinks he couldn’t use and of course handle more money?  But the truth is sometimes more money is not only not the answer, it’s a part of the problem.

As we continued in our series, “The Great Recovery,” we talked about the fourth basic belief that has made our nation great. It’s simply that money makes us responsible.

That is, that earning money, having money and possessions is not about consuming things, but using them to create things.  So we talked about the three signs that having more money may make your life worse, not better.  Things like: do you want more money so you can hoard it, waste it, or consume it?  The question is why should God give us a lot more of what we can’t handle a little of right now; like money, success, or any other thing that we tend to abuse?

We talked about five different aspects of understanding how to use money God’s way. We talked about the importance of perspective, passion, purpose, pain, and having a plan. It’s hard to believe that the average American family will earn well over a million dollars in their working years, and yet only 5% of them can write  a check for $5,000 upon retirement. How sad to think that 87% of people who retire this year will retire at the poverty level of income.  It’s sad to think that 25% of persons over 75 must continue to work only because of financial obligation.  This certainly isn’t what we want.  It’s not the American dream.   And it’s certainly not what honors God.

So we talked today about how to see money as a responsibility, how to handle it God’s way, and how to have plenty of it when we use it for God’s purposes.


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