4 Things You Need to Keep You Out of Divorce Court: Tomorrow @ The Gathering

I am sad to say that our series “Accept No Mediocre Marriage” comes to its completion this Sunday with a discussion on divorce.

Believe me, none of us need to be beat up about divorce any more than we already are.  There are two things we’re going to be talking about this weekend that are compelling enough for you to come, and compelling enough for you to bring friends, a brother, a sister, your mom, your dad: anyone who needs to take their marriage to the next level.  And that is, how to stay out of divorce court and then, what do you do once you’re on the other side?

We’ll talk about the three times divorce is justified, and what to do if you’re a victim of one of these.

We’ll also talk about what men owe women; what wives owe their husbands that can keep you from getting to a place where you hate each other and must separate.  We’ll also talk about what men need to know about women.  And we’ll end the talk with the four essentials to staying out of divorce court for good.

Marriage is a good thing.  It is a God thing.  It is the best of things.  And if we do the right thing, and we know what to do and do it, the outcome, the payoff, the benefit is beyond measure.

If you know someone who has grown cynical or sour on marriage, if you know someone whose marriage is stuck and needs to go to the next level, bring them with you this weekend to The Gathering, or point them to our Live Event on November 12th.  Either way, if you’ve ever wondered what you could do for a friend, here is your chance.

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