4 Things You Need to Stay Out of Divorce Court: Today @ The Gathering

I’m sad to see our current series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage,” come to an end this morning, but it’s been a great journey, and the feedback has been tremendous.

We ended our time on the subject of marriage by talking about divorce and the four things you can do to stay out of divorce court.

We began by talking about the two things women owe their husbands, and the two things men owe their wives. And if we were to give each other these two things respectively, not only would our relationships not turn toxic, they would flourish.

We talked about three justifications for divorce, and followed that up with the four things you need to stay out of divorce court. Listen to this timely talk here on my web site, or check out iTunes where you can subscribe and get my weekly talks delivered directly to your iPod, iPad, or mp3 player.

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