A Hell called, “I Hate My Job”

Your job, even a good job, even work you love, is never going to be enough.

How often do we hear the advice, “Find your passion, follow your passion, do the work you love.”  And while it’s really great advice, it’s only part of the picture.  No job can fulfill every need that you have as a human being. You need balance.  More than work, you need faith, family, and friends.  You need to be a well-rounded person to really find your fit, so you can stand out.

Yesterday we talked about how we wind up in job hell, what it looks like, and how to get out: how to have a balanced, healthy and whole view of how work fits into our entire lives.

This talk was incredibly important because most of the people I’ve met have an unhealthy, unbalanced view of work.  It’s either all they do to seek to define their identity and well-being, or something they hate to do and have to do simply because they need to make money.  Find a balanced teaching today in this installment of our series, “When You’re Going Through Hell, Don’t Stop.”

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