A New Normal, Not of My Own Making

It’s hard enough to deal with the stupid things we do to ourselves.  But sometimes it’s downright insane when we face the things that are done to us, that create what I call a “new normal, not of our own making.”

In today’s talk we discussed how to face life when all of a sudden something happens that redefines our life forever; like the death of a child, or a spouse, or even a parent, the loss of a job, loss of health, or the loss of economic viability.  Repeatedly, life presents us with a life we had not planned, but because of circumstances, we now have to face.  The question is, ” How do we face it with faith? Where is God when our life seems to be redefined in ways that we simply can’t comprehend? Can God be trusted?  What are His motives? Why does He allow such outrageous things to happen to those He supposedly loves?”  All of this and more in today’s talk.

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