Pastor. Author . Speaker. The man behind the vision has proven in the process to be as multi-faceted and culturally timely as the churches he’s founded.

David Foster’s passion for communicating the authentic is obvious in his books. The latest – “A Renegade’s Guide To God” follows his “Accept No Mediocre Life” and “The Power To Prevail: Turning Adversities Into Advantages..” Filled with firsthand discoveries that often put Foster at odds with his peers, this book exposes myths and half-truths found in organized religion today.

Foster speaks the language of the world fluently–having lived in it for years as a Christian who, as he candidly noted recently, “totally missed the message of hope in Christ.” A re-focus of his commitment to Christ at age 18 led him ultimately to pursue his college training at Free Will Baptist College in Nashville, and his theological training at Mid-America Seminary in Memphis. Foster went on to earn a doctorate in communications from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi where he studied under renowned author and theologian R.C. Sproul.

Not surprisingly–as in his ministry and books–David Foster in person is larger than life–a man upon first meeting obviously filled with the color, passion, and authenticity he preaches. Passion for life, for God, for reaching people and transforming lives in the real world in which we live. That, quite simply, is the heartbeat of David Foster.

Paula and David FosterDavid and Paula Foster make their home outside Nashville and are the parents of three children– daughters–Erin, Lindsay, and Paige.

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