Announcing a Live Event Here in Nashville Friday Night April 30th @ Financial Peace Convention Center

Paula and I went live today with our site, announcing our Live Event coming April 30th, here in the Nashville area.

As we thought and prayed over three years about what we could do in response to what we’re seeing, we think this is the very best thing we can do.  And that is, to sit down and put together a program that will present information, entertainment, and inspiration all in one place.

Here’s what we’ve learned… (continued below)

As marriages go, so goes our society.  America’s ills are ills that begin in the home between husbands and wives, and the breakdown of their relationships.  We’re convinced that the best way to save our country is to save her marriages; to bring back the belief that a man and woman loving each other for a lifetime is the very best way to build wealth, stability, and raise children to adulthood who can take us into the future with confidence and goodness.

The question is, if your marriage is in trouble, where do you go? You can go to church and very seldom hear about marriage in American churches.  I know this because surveying the podcasts for years and it’s rare that there is a marriage series taught.  And even when it is, it’s so spiritual, it lacks any practical application.

You can go to marriage counseling, but our experience is, most all marriage counseling is next to worthless. Why?  Well, usually in marriage counseling the couple is not counseled together.  They are separated.  And even when they are, they deal with their problems in secret; no support, no help, no understanding of those around them who love them most.  In America you get married and move to “conflict island.”  You don’t let anyone know you have any problems until your marriage is over and you’re headed for divorce court.

Not only is marriage counseling in the main, not effective, it is incredibly expensive. And let’s be honest.  A lot of times counselors have a vested interest in keeping you coming back because this is how they make their living. That’s not to dump on all marriage counseling.  I know some who are very good.  But for most people, there just aren’t many places to go for help.  Thus, the birth of the Making Marriage Fun Again Live Event.

Paula and I truly believe that this is going to be a transformational night for a lot of people.  We’re working hard and we believe we have something really new, fresh, and exciting to present. We’ve really made sure that guys are going to love this night too.  We’re not going to break up into small groups and talk about our “feelings.”  We’re not going to guilt people – men or women.  This is going to be an inspirational night where you’re going to see practical training, and you’re going to have really good people grow great marriages over a lifetime.

Check out the web site Share it with friends.  This could be an evening that could turn our life, your family, and your future around.  We truly believe this is going to be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.  We can help you save your marriage, but you have to meet us halfway.

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