Are You Ready for Christmas, or Are You Already Dreading It?

Christmas is here: the lights, the presents, the hustle and bustle, and everything that goes with it.  The question is, are you ready for another go-around?

If you’re already dreading it, here is some advice to make the most of this season ahead.

  1. Simplify. Don’t get so wrapped up in going to every party and meeting every deadline.  Streamline.  Instead of buying two gifts, buy one.
  2. Slow down.  There is absolutely no reason to go as fast as we do.  Walk to your car.  Sit, reflect, and enjoy a cup of coffee.
  3. Adjust. Adjust your attitude.  It’s a choice.  You don’t have to be mad, angry, or stressed.  You don’t have to worry about the economy or what the future holds, because you don’t know what it holds and you couldn’t control it even if you tried.  So do an attitude adjustment.  If you woke up today, you’re blessed.  Living one day above dirt is a blessing.  Life is a blessing, even though it gets difficult and tough.

So let’s enjoy this holiday season.  We all have losses and regrets.  Ask Tiger Woods.  We all have wins for which we can take very little credit, as well as losses that are out of our control.  So let’s let them go.  Let’s slow down, simplify, focus, be grateful, love people; even though they are difficult at times to love.

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