Are You Sleepwalking?

We live in a world going faster and faster.  More of us are in motion most of the time.  We’re hooked up, connected, and in the mainstream, but please don’t let the activity deceive you.

There’s a big difference between endless, mindless activity and meaningful, passion-driven action.

To know the difference, let me ask you these questions: Are you sleepwalking through your life? Are you on autopilot?  Are you simply doing things because you’ve always done those things?  Are you doing them the way you’re doing them because it s always the way you’ve seen them done? Are you going with the flow, so to speak, running hard, but making little progress?

Do you find yourself being critical of new ideas and movements simply because to embrace them would require that you move; move from your stated assumptions to a disruptive view that would cause you to interrupt your steady flow of cash, love, attention, whatever benefit you need?

Let this serve as your wake-up call to be disruptive, to wake up and not just smell the coffee but see the amazing opportunity lying at the feet of ordinary people.

In the past, the average life in America was spent punching the clock, following the crowd, and fitting in.  But no more.  It’s time to wake up and think, to ponder and consider, to imagine a new future. The future will reward men and women who are inventive, innovative, and willing to disrupt in order to create a new, better company, business, church, even family.

Waking up can be scary, but sleeping is like being dead.  If I have to choose, I’ll choose the chaos of  new life over the sameness of death.

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