you don’t need easy, you just need worth it!

Years ago a friend gave me a big red button.  When you pushed it a voice would say, “That was easy!”  I’ve come to know that things that are worth knowing, doing, or having don’t come easy.

A great marriage isn’t easy.  Work that you love and makes a difference in the world isn’t easy.  Raising children to be strong, smart, productive adults isn’t easy.  Just managing you’re own fears isn’t easy!

Easy is a myth unless of course you’re talking about how easy it is to destroy, defame, and tear down.  A beautiful home can take years to design and construct, but only a few hours to burn to the ground.

Stop looking for the easy button and only focus and invest in things that are worth the best efforts of your one and only life!

What do you do after dumb?

It’s one thing to suffer at the hands of those who are careless and reckless.  It’s another thing to bear self-inflicted wounds.  What do you do when you’re surrounded with people who are suffering or going through difficult times as a result of their own behaviors?  How do you extend grace to them?  Where does the gospel make sense when you are extending it to people who are abusing it?

There are so many things we don’t talk about in church; especially about the things that have to do with our own misbehavior.  How does God deal with us when we are not just dumb, but downright defiant? What do the Scriptures teach us?  Is there hope for people like us who know better, but don’t do better?

Yesterday we talked about God’s love and the difference between His faithful love and cheap grace.  The fact that God does treat people differently, he doesn’t love us all the same; there is a difference between His covenant love and His offered love.   Find out the difference and make application in your life, your family and the life of your church.  Use it to stimulate conversation.  Let me know if you think I am off base, or if you think I am right on target.

FMBS 032: John 15 – Here’s Why You’re Failing and Frustrated

Ever wonder why you feel so frustrated that no matter how many resolutions you make, how much effort you exert, how many books you read or classes you attend, you seem to stay stuck all the time?   Well, if you’ve ever felt that way, or if you feel that way right now, at the beginning of a new year, you’ve come to the right place.  Because we’re going to be able to learn today, in John 15, why people fail, and why they stay frustrated.

This is the chapter about the vine, about how the life of God flows into ordinary, fractured, broken human beings;  how God takes us where we are, and plants us into himself. He becomes the vine, we’re the branch, and He flows through us.  The life that we live, as Paul said, is not the life that we live, it’s the life He lives through us, so that our fruitfulness and our continued success over time is guaranteed, as long as we don’t forget the vine/branch relationship.

And also, by the way, there’s a reason why so many people don’t like you, why there are people who lie to you, why there are people who betray you, why there are people who walk away just at the right time to cause you the maximum pain and frustration.  It’s all in there.  You’ll find it today in John 15: the vine and the branch theory.

FMBS 001 Introduction to The Book of Romans

It was exciting to get started on our first Friday in our Friday Morning Bible Study series.  This is a 12-week series where we will be studying the Book of Romans verse-by-verse, line-by-line, precept upon precept.

This is actually the first time in 21 years since I’ve been in Nashville that I’ve actually taken this approach.  I am excited by the good response; so much so that we decided that we will record each session and not only post it on, but also turn it into a podcast that you can subscribe to, and hold onto for as long as you would like.

In this broadcast, we deal with an introduction of the book, why we’re dealing with it, different concepts like predestination, election, eternal security, the nature of salvation, justification, sanctification; all of those really important foundational truths that we often don’t focus on, on a Sunday morning.

Go through this podcast, write down questions.  You’re more than welcome to send them to me at and we will answer them during the next Bible study.

If you missed the first week, join us this Friday at Financial Peace Conference Center here in the Cool Springs area (click here).

Also if you haven’t signed up to be on the mailing list to know exactly what is going on, when and where we’ll meet, and what other things we may include in these sessions, it would be great to put your name on the list.  Even if you’re not able to come every week, maybe you know someone who could benefit from this.  Get them to go to the web site and sign up on the mailing list as well.

RG2G 002 Can I know for sure I’m going to heaven when I die?

Today, we answer the question; “Can you be sure you’re going to heaven when you die?”

There is a huge difference between being religious and being Christian.  So much religious teaching and practice deals with modifying behavior rather than understanding that there is nothing you can do to make up for the moral deficit that exists between you and God.

You CAN KNOW FOR SURE that you are right with God.  You need not go through life doing good things hoping you’ve been good enough to impress God and gain entry to heaven!

We discuss a 5-step process, that can help you connect to God for good and forever!

Stop wondering and embrace the assurance that God wants you to have!

RG2G 001 What motivates and makes you grateful?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  And welcome to the new Renegade’s Guide to God show.  It’s a weekly show that will help you in your quest to know God, love God, and live the life for which you were created.

Since today is Thanksgiving, for our first episode I thought I would talk about what motivates us to be truly grateful.  One of the saddest things I see are people who have everything in the world to be grateful for, except the power to be so.

So today on the Renegade’s Guide to God show, I talk about the core of Christian theology.  Why is that important?  Because it becomes the core of our motivation. If you’ve lost your motivation this year and you need help getting it back this would be a great show to give you the inspiration and the information that you need.

RG2G 000 Introducing the new David Foster a Renegade’s Guide to God Show

Announcing a brand new weekly show called, “A Renegade’s Guide to God.” I have named it after my most popular book and will be a nonreligious, no nonsense, plain-speaking, fast-paced 30 minute show about how real faith works in the real world where real people need real hope. The goal is to help you live free, have fun, and change the world.

It will not be a “religiously correct” show.   I am looking to inspire, inform, and motivate the growing Renegade Nation out there who are sick and tired of all the religious double talk. Here are some of the things you can expect from this show:

  • Plain talk about the difference in between rule-based religion and a real, life changing relationship with God.
  • Interviews with leading authors who write important book about faith and how it relates to our everyday lives.
  • Commentary of current news that reflects on how we can live “Christianly” in the real world.
  • Answers to questions submitted by our listeners (The Renegade Nation)

Listening the introductory show will give you a little idea about who I am and what I am all about. For more on me check out this link.

This show will be added to my 3 other weekly podcasts. Here are a list of the other show you can check out?

  1. The David and Paula Show
  2. David Foster at The Gathering (Audio)
  3. David Foster at The Gathering (Video)