Brady Makes Moss Look Good

topper-patriotsFootball season is well under way and Tom Brady is up to his old tricks again, just being absolutely great. This year he has Randy Moss. You know, the incredible wide receiver who has great potential, but has been troubled in almost every place he’s been. Randy has fallen off the radar the past few years. Predictions are he’s slowed down with the best years of his career behind him.

And yet enter Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and Randy Moss. Randy is playing the best ball of his career. How? He has Tom Brady. Here is a lesson to be learned. Tom Brady needs Randy Moss. Randy Moss needs Tom Brady.

Every person needs another partner. They need someone to complete them. God knew that when He created marriage. We need people in our lives to help complete us in every area; not only personally, but professionally.

Who is your Randy Moss and who is your Tom Brady? If you don’t have them you better get them quick.

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