Can a Super-Hero Have an Identity Crisis?

will-smith-as-hancockI love movies, all kinds of movies – good, bad, or indifferent. So for me, this summer has been a great time to watch big-time movies.

One of my favorites, even though I do have mixed emotions, is the movie called Hancock. It’s about a super-hero who has an identity crisis.

Jason Bateman who is the PR man for Hancock, charged with the job of trying to improve his image, confronts Hancock with this simple truth, “You’re called to be a super-hero and until you accept that, you’re going to be miserable.” In another place Bateman challenges Hancock with this statement, “Your problem is not that you don’t care, but that you do.”

These are powerful ideas and images confronting us each and every day. What’s your identity? And even if you know it, do you care?

All of us were created with a certain set of talents, abilities, and capacities. We all have a calling. Maybe it’s not to be a super-hero, but I know it is something significant, and important, and needed in the world or you wouldn’t be here. The question is, do you care enough to find out what that is and to pay the courageous price to engage it? It may mean going back to school. It may mean selling your house and moving into an apartment and downsizing so you can begin again smarter and more hopeful.

Here is my warning: You have a calling in your life. You have an identity given to you by your Creator. And until you pursue it, identify it, and engage it with all your heart, you’re never going to be happy. Nothing will take its place.

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