FMBS 002 No Exceptions, No Excuses, No Way Out

As we continued our verse-by-verse study of the Book of Romans, I saw at the end of the session what I saw on my own face when I went through this many years ago; utter confusion.

I’ve learned that when you really are embracing new truth, when you are going deeper to the next level of your understanding of a thing, confusion is always the front door. But why confusion in our study today from Romans 1:17 through the entire second chapter?  It’s because I think we very seldom hear how bad the news is.  We hear that God loves us and God has a wonderful plan for our life, but often we don’t hear the foundational truth.  And that is, we are totally and hopelessly lost, disconnected, and heading for a dark future unless God intervenes.

Why is it that we have so much confidence in religion? Why is it that we have so much confidence in our own ability to be better, to do better, to be reformed by our own human efforts?  Listen to this podcast today: every verse, every affirmation, every proclamation of the hopelessness of religion, national origin, personal effort or any human effort to reconcile or justify a man or woman to God.

I know that oftentimes a jeweler will help highlight the different facets of a diamond by laying it on a black velvet background.  It allows the brilliance of the diamond to stand out in the blackness of the backdrop. This is exactly what Paul is doing in these verses; giving us the blackest most hopeless, most dreary background he possibly could to lay on, against which to contrast the majestic, unmatched, unrelenting grace of God that justifies the heart, reconciles the soul, and gives an everlasting inheritance to the recipient.

FMBS 001 Introduction to The Book of Romans

It was exciting to get started on our first Friday in our Friday Morning Bible Study series.  This is a 12-week series where we will be studying the Book of Romans verse-by-verse, line-by-line, precept upon precept.

This is actually the first time in 21 years since I’ve been in Nashville that I’ve actually taken this approach.  I am excited by the good response; so much so that we decided that we will record each session and not only post it on, but also turn it into a podcast that you can subscribe to, and hold onto for as long as you would like.

In this broadcast, we deal with an introduction of the book, why we’re dealing with it, different concepts like predestination, election, eternal security, the nature of salvation, justification, sanctification; all of those really important foundational truths that we often don’t focus on, on a Sunday morning.

Go through this podcast, write down questions.  You’re more than welcome to send them to me at and we will answer them during the next Bible study.

If you missed the first week, join us this Friday at Financial Peace Conference Center here in the Cool Springs area (click here).

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