Confronting Conflict Where Everyone Wins: Today @ The Gathering

Today @ The Gathering we continued our series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage,” talking about conflict.

It is absolutely impossible for two wounded people to live together without conflict. The conflict isn’t the problem. It’s how we deal with it. So today we talked about confronting conflict in a healthy way; a casualty-free approach to dealing with things that keep us apart. Remember, just because you love each other doesn’t mean that you automatically know how to live together in harmony.

There are four stages in marriage: the forming stage, which is dating; the storming stage, which is the first few years; the norming stage, when you’re learning how to live with each other; and then the performing stage. What we want is to go from the forming to the performing stage and ignore both the storming and the norming. No one does. Listen to today’s talk, and find out how to confront in a way that brings you close, gets you on the same page, and moves you ahead to a great marriage.

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