Contrary to What You Believe, Money Won’t Fix What’s Wrong With Your Life

The name Albert Haynesworth strikes a familiar chord for those of us who live in Nashville and love rooting for the Tennessee Titans.  Albert was a standout on our team in his performance both on the field and off.   Known for his bursts of anger, Albert seems to be a troubled young man.

A year ago Albert left the Titans to join the Washington Redskins, where he would be paid over $100 million for his services. His year by all estimations was spotty at best.  His behavior: borderline.

Now we see in the news that Albert is at odds with his new team and he’s gaining the reputation as someone who can’t be relied upon.

I’ve heard people say, “If I got paid that much money, I’d show up and do what I’m told.”  But the truth is, if you’re wounded inside, or if there’s something broken, something that drives you to misbehave, to self-destruct, money won’t fix it. It will only make it worse.

Money is an enabler, and it empowers.  It doesn’t create what’s on the inside, it only allows it to come out and be demonstrated more publicly.

So instead of praying, and asking, and seeking, and killing yourself for more money because you think that’s your real problem, work on the thing you can.  And that’s you: your character, your integrity, your generosity, your enthusiasm, your ability to envision a new future, your ability to exercise your God-given uniqueness to create whatever you want.

We live in a great nation that can give you everything but fill up the whole that’s in your heart.

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