Dave Rave – Five Reasons I Love Creating


One of the reasons I love living in Nashville is that it’s a city full of creatives: writers, singers, entrepreneurs; all people who are determined to make something of their lives.

As one of those creatives, here are five reasons I do what I do.

  1. Creating captures time. By that I mean the hour or two or three it takes me to write something is captured in the content that I’ve created.  I’ve literally written, with my books and my talks, thousands and thousands of pages of content; creative ideas.  All of that time is captured, is mine anytime I want it.
  2. Creating knows no distance. A book, a song, an idea, a blog, a tweet, all go anywhere we want them to.  With the death of distance, it is a wireless, wall-less world where anyone, anywhere, anytime can access your creative input. Yea God!
  3. Creativity demands critical thinking which, bottom line, means that I have to stop and focus on something to see it through.  Think about the idea.  Is it worthy to be developed?   Is it worthy to be communicated?
  4. Creating creates endless possibilities. The deeper you get into the creative process, the more you see of what’s possible.  One creative idea links to another.  These creative ideas use synergy to create bigger, better, bolder ideas; many of which can change the world.  Without creativity, we’d just simply be sifting through the clutter.
  5. Creativity at its best, changes the world. We must believe, or at least recover the belief, that what we do matters; that we can indeed change the world through the endless creative possibilities that are presented to us each day.  As a creative, I simply won’t tolerate a world of inequity, pain, and injustice.  I must heal a hurt, lift a load, right a wrong, or at least support a dream.  So should you.  You’re creative.  How do I know that?  Because you were created by the most creative person in the Universe – God.

Every day I get up seeking to know God, love God, and live the life for which I was created.  You too?

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