Dave Rave – Five Times Character Trumps Skill


One of the controversies that exists in almost any arena of achievement is, do you want character or skill?  My response is, why not both?

But let’s face it.  If we do have to make a choice, and at times we do, character will always trump skill.  People with skill but unfulfilled lives are legendary in all areas of achievement.  Here are five times character trumps skill.

  1. Character trumps skill when it comes to being consistent. People with character can be counted on over time to continually achieve and behave at a higher level simply because this is who they are and what they demand of themselves.  People with skill tend to be up and down and lack the self-discipline it takes to win, over time.
  2. Character trumps skill when continuity is important. Let’s face it.  If you relate to anyone in your work-a-day world (and who doesn’t?) people need to trust that there will be continuity not just in what you say you will do, but what you do.
  3. Character trumps skill when reliability is important. People with skill only as their major emphasis tend to be temperamental and moody.  They hold out for higher pay and special treatment.  And yet people whose skill is bolstered by high character will do what they say, deliver on time, and keep their word.
  4. Character trumps skill when other people and their livelihoods, reputations, and hopes are on the line. How many times have you been held up at work by someone with great skill, but simply can’t deliver in the crunch?  When you’re on the line and you depend on others, you want to make sure that they are consistent, reliable, and can offer continuity to your project.
  5. Character trumps skill when the mission is more important than one person. If you are trying to achieve something significant, then you don’t need high-skill prima donnas, but high character people who know how to relate in harmony with others.

Here is my list.  Sit down with your team, add your own and let me know what you come up with.

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