Dave Rave – 5 Benefits of Working With You

daveraveNo one succeeds without the help of others.  And to succeed greatly, you need the help of a lot of people going in the same direction.

Here is a good way to check up on your people skills at work.  Ask yourself,  “What are the five benefits that people receive while working with me and on my team?”

  1. Do they feel challenged? In other words, are you making sure you give them work that matters? Do they see how it is connected to a greater purpose?
  2. Are they growing? Do you give them the tools, the opportunity, and the encouragement to grow intellectually, to get smarter as they work harder?
  3. Do they feel respected? There is great power in praise, appreciation, and calling attention to a job well-done.  The more you appreciate people, the more they’ll appreciate working with you.
  4. Do you make sure that everyone understands the big picture and the noble cause that you’re all working toward?  It’s hard to believe that widgets and products can have integrity, but just look at the example of Steve Jobs and Apple.  It’s work that matters that people give their best for. Your job as the leader is to make sure they understand why what you’re doing matters and how what they’re doing to help make it successful matters.
  5. Do they feel a sense of connectedness?  Not just a connectedness with the people at work, but with you?  Do they feel a part of the team?  Do they feel loyalty, that everyone’s going together on the same page?

Ask yourself these questions and then, if you’re really brave, sit your team down and go through them together.  You might be surprised at how well you’re doing.

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