Dave Rave- 5 Trade-offs That Won’t Pay Off


Life moves fast, doesn’t it?  What we determine in a quiet moment of reflection can be turned upside-down in the crazy, emergency, hurry-here, or fix-it-now life that we all face.

In the process of trying to get it all right, we’re tempted sometimes to compromise, to make trade-offs in order to get through what we’re going through.

I’m not saying that’s always bad.  But here are five trade-offs that won’t pay-off in the long run.

  1. We’ve traded our joys for jobs. You know what it’s like.  When you’re young you can be childish.  I prefer to say, child-like.  But when you grow up, you have to face the real world and get a job. Why can’t our jobs be the expression of our joys, our calling, and our place on this earth? You can do work that fills you with energy and joy, and makes a difference in the world.  It won’t be easy, and it won’t surrender overnight.  But don’t give up hope that you can live the rest of your life making the world a better place, and loving it so much that you would never think about retirement.
  2. We’ve traded our soul for security. Oftentimes we stay in toxic relationships in environments at work and at home because it leaves us a pain we’re familiar with.  We neglect our soul.  Our spirit sinks through boredom, sameness, and resentment.  Security is way overrated.  Living with a free, full, and joyful soul is why you’re on earth to start with.
  3. We’ve traded our humanity for hurry. There is nothing that hurry doesn’t damage.  Why not trade a bad hurry for a good busy?  How do you do that?  Let’s start by knowing the difference between what’s important, and what’s urgent.  Remember, the important will always wait; the urgent won’t – or so we think.
  4. We’ve traded our relationships for our responsibilities. Here is the equation I’ve seen worked out in the lives of people over and over again.  Responsibility without relationship equals rebellion.  Equally too, is relationship plus responsibility equals fulfillment.
  5. We’ve traded transformation for therapy. Let’s face it, it’s hard to grow up.  It’s hard to grow up healthy.  It’s hard to change, but not impossible.  It’s often the hard work of walking through the fire of refinement and transformation that allows us to take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.  If we medicate every problem we have and call it a sickness or an addiction, we’ll find ourselves trapped in a therapeutic life.

Here are the five trade-offs I’ve been tempted to make.  What are some of yours? Discuss them with those around your team work-table, or even at home.  What trade-offs are you tempted to make in your business or organization, or even in your family?

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