Dave Rave – 6 Reasons You Should Lose Your Job Sooner Than Later

We live in transitional times.  You can call it a recession, a downturn of the market, whatever you want to, but things are changing, and changing forever.  If you know how to deal with it and face it positively, you can benefit from it.

But most people that I listen to want to put their head in the sand and just wait it out, hunker down, and maybe they’ll emerge with the same old attitudes.  That ain’t gonna happen, dude.  Welcome to the new world.

In light of that, here are six reasons why you should lose your job soon.

1.    You should lose your job soon if you only show up for the money. Enough said.

2.    You should lose your job soon if what you take from the company is equal to or greater than what you add to the company. Here’s basic economics.  No company, no organization, no movement can afford to keep you on if you’re draining resources from the company.  Rule of thumb: you need to be adding double to triple your total income, including benefits, to your company to be “essential personnel.”

3.    You should lose your job soon if you gossip and complain and come in every day like a sad dog spreading gloom. You’re unhappy, they’re unhappy, both of you need to be put out of your misery, and a good firing just might be the ticket.

4.    You should lose your job soon if your attitude is, “they owe me my job, promotion, or more money, because I’ve been here the longest.” Now I’ll be the first to admit that long-term loyalty and stability is of value.  But I’ll also be the first to admit that just because you’ve been at a place a long time, doesn’t mean that you automatically have the right to a job or promotion.  You need to be a performer and a producer just like everyone else.

5.    You should lose your job soon if you’re carrying responsibilities on a daily basis for which you have neither the gifting nor the passion. Just because you can do a job doesn’t mean you should do a job.  And just because you can do a job at an acceptable level doesn’t mean you can be great at it.  If you have no passion and native giftedness for what you are doing, then you’re going to always live a smaller life and earn a smaller paycheck than you could.  The sooner you get away from a dead-end job, the sooner you can spread your wings.

6.    You should lose your job soon if you are forced to work in an environment where you feel diminished, disrespected, and used. Now I am not saying that just because you don’t like the people around you that you have an excuse, but if you’re constantly working with people and doing tasks that violate your basic value system and principles, it’s not worth it.

Here is the bottom line of this Dave Rave.  If you’re in a job where you get up every day and it doesn’t feel a little bit like Christmas, if you’re not doing what you know you were born to do, with people you love, in a place you love, for purposes you clearly understand and buy into, the sooner you lose that dead-end job, the sooner you’re going to find your lifelong passion and realize you can make a lot more money doing things you love and being great at it, than you ever will hanging onto a job you’re afraid to lose because you don’t believe God is big enough to take care of you if you follow your passion.

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