Dave Rave -The 4 Ways of Rest

daveraveWell, it’s Christmas season and, like it or not, we’re in a mad dash for Christmas Eve.

Often we get overwhelmed with activities and responsibilities and trying to make everything just perfect for the ones we love.  And as good as all that is, you need not give up your sense of peace and being at rest.  As a matter of fact, rest is a big deal in the Scriptures.  It’s such a big deal that it’s, more times than not, how God describes the death of His children.  They enter into His rest.

So here are four ways that I am resting this holiday season.

  1. I am relaxed and at peace.  I’m at peace with God now and forever.  This is my Father’s world.  I’m going to relax and let Him run it and be at peace knowing that all things are right between me and my God.
  2. I am enjoying the now.  In Psalm 37, it’s amazing how many verbs are imperatives about the now: trust, delight, dwell, do good, do not fret, wait patiently.  All of these are insights on how to live in the now.  Living just for the now is stupid.  But living in the now is daring to believe that God has you exactly where He wants you to be, and doing exactly what His love knows should be done.
  3. I’m savoring this season.  Few of us know how to savor. We eat fast, we drive fast, we microwave our meals, and we use texts and email instead of face-to-face conversations. Savoring is slowing down to taste, to breathe in, to enjoy, to notice, to see, to be aware of this beautiful world with all of its colors, and all of its beauty.
  4. I’m trusting God’s timing. In Galations the Bible says, “It was just the right time, God sent forth His Son.”  God’s timing is impeccable, not only on the world’s stage, but in my life and yours.  If you need something, if a deadline is looming, remember God knows, and His timing can always be trusted.

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