Dave Rave – The 5 Moments That Make or Break You


One of the challenges of life is that most of it happens in the mundane.  You know, like today.  Not much happening today.  Today’s not special, spectacular, not wonderful, really no opportunities to be amazing today. Just get up and do the work.

But that is the treacherous nature of life; it’s that we fail to realize those big moments, those defining moments that come into our lives, and take advantage of them. Here are five moments that happen in the mundane.  And depending on how you respond to them, they’ll make or break you.

  1. The moment of temptation. Temptation sneaks up on you because it starts small.  It attacks your mind. You begin to think about how you’ve been slighted, unappreciated, maybe even cheated.  And all of a sudden you feel justified in cheating yourself, cheating on yourself, quitting your commitments: you know, a thousand different temptations, a thousand different strokes.  It’s how you respond in the moment of temptation that will determine how you can respond in the rest of your life.
  2. The moment of testing. Testing has to do with will.  In the Scriptures it says “we get knocked down but we get up again.”  That’s it, isn’t it?  How strong is your resolve? It will be tested, and how you respond in that moment determines the depth and the quality of your life.
  3. The moment of quitting. Everyone faces a quitting moment. Think about a man and a woman standing at an altar, pledging undying love.  They are married.  But they fail to take into account, you don’t marry a perfect person. You aren’t perfect either and sometimes you feel unloved and unwanted, and the temptation to quit.  That’s when you have to respond.  You go to work and you don’t get the raise, or you’re passed over and you want to quit.  You get discouraged and you want to quit.  It’s pushing through those quitting moments.  It’s the power to prevail, when everything inside of you wants to give up, that makes the difference.
  4. The moment of opportunity. Opportunity is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t come with bells and whistles.  It often comes as one choice among many.  It takes wisdom to know which one is the right one for you.  But it also takes courage to seize the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity.  Windows open; windows close.   Doors open; doors close. You have to go through them or the opportunity is offered to someone else.
  5. The moment of choice. Each and everyday, you have ultimate power because you and you alone make your choices.  If you give up those choices, your life is ruled and run by arbitrary forces.  For fear of making the wrong choice, some of us get stuck in a rut.  Wrong or right, a choice needs to be made.  And it’s your ultimate power: the power to choose.

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