DAVE RAVE: Top 10 Things You Want to Stop Doing

600px-Stop_sign_MUTCDAs we begin a brand new year, many of us are under the mistaken assumption that what we need to do is add more stuff to what we’re already doing. If you’re like me, I’m already doing more than I can keep up with now. So in the spirit of having the best year yet, here are the ten things I suggest that we stop doing before we start doing the other really great things.

1. I’m going to stop looking back with regret, wondering what might have been if I’d made other decisions or other people had been more cooperative.

2. I’m going to stop putting off starting the things that are really important to me; things that have been lingering around on my to-do list and my what-if list. I’m going to stop putting off what I need to start doing.

3. I’m going to stop holding grudges toward people who have slighted me in the past. I’m simply going to count up the debt, forgive it, and let it go.

4. I’m going to stop saying, “yes” to so many good things. There are none of us who have enough time to say, “yes” to all the good things clamoring for our attention. You have to learn how to prioritize your time, which leads me to number 5.

5. I’m going to stop saying “no” to the best things. So if I stop saying “yes” to the good things, that means I can stop saying “no” to the best things. The challenge is to know what those best things are. What are your best things? Usually they are the things that are important, but not urgent.

6. I’m going to stop putting my family second. You know exactly what I mean. No further explanation needed.

7. I’m going to stop putting myself last. We have this idea that if we work hard and love others we don’t really need any attention. That usually happens after we crash. So I’m going to stop putting myself last.

8. I’m going to stop wanting what I don’t need. Again, a lot of people pay a lot of money to get my attention and to get me to feel unhappy with the things I have. That’s called advertising. I’m happy with the life I have and I have far more possessions than I’ll ever need. I’m going to start focusing on the things that are more important.

9. I’m going to stop spending all the money I make. I’m going to learn how to live on less than I make so I can be generous and give, and save for the future.

10. I’m going to stop running until I break.

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