David’s Tweets for 2009-10-05

  • Getting off to a fast start to a great week! How? Had my todo list prepared ahead of time! #
  • RT @pastortrav: “Lazy people want much but get little. But, those who work hard will prosper.” Proverbs 13:4 #
  • Nothing changes until the hearts changes. When your heart changes what you must do will be what you want to do. #
  • Join us at the Ministry 2.0 conference next week! http://ow.ly/sKmH #
  • There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer set on fire for a cause they have been changed by! #
  • Religion is man’s way of bossing God around. #
  • No one can take from you or keep from you what God wants for you, but you! You are the most dangerous person you know! #
  • What to do when you know you’ve got the right people and strategy, but little results? Stay the course! #
  • Hard things do not leave you where they found you. Good or bad is more up to you than you might suspect. #
  • Let’s stop blame placing and move on to bigger, better, bolder things. #
  • Friendships are not formed over night, but forged over time. #

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