David’s Tweets for 2009-10-23

  • Bad Career tip #1: Assume you’re not the problem #
  • Do your work great and that will lead to great work #
  • Bad Career tip #2: Try to do work for which you have no talent. #
  • Institutions do not start movements only feed off of them. #
  • Taste and see that the lord is good. Change you taste change your diet. #
  • Bad Career tip #3: Asking the wrong question, “What do I get” out of the job and the people I work with? #
  • Bad Career tip #4: Avoid the right question, “What do I become” by doing this work with the these people.. #
  • Bad Career tip #5: Give up on the one person, over whom you have 100% control–you! #
  • Bad Career tip #6: Feeding your F.U.D. (fear uncertainty and doubt) #
  • Bad Career tip #7: Remaining in a dead end job motivated solely by F.O.F (fear of failure) #

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