David’s Tweets for 2009-10-26

  • Check out the Dave Rave on WLAC http://bit.ly/xmjhP #
  • Hour and half into my "First 5" feeling the momentum building (first 5 = 7 to 12 on Monday morning the best time to get ahead!) #
  • You and your fear are your only real serious competition #
  • Branding; the story you tell. Marketing; the promise you make. #
  • To delight in the lord is to trust the Lord; to trust the Lord is to delight in the Lord. Its a dance! #
  • It is not the deeper truths I need. It is a deeper committment to the simple truths I seek! #
  • figure out who you are, be the best at that and let everything else float on by! #
  • Don’t worry for God's grace will match the demands of the moment. #

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