David’s Tweets for 2010-01-28

  • I will greet this day without assumptions and with full awareness of the needs around me. #
  • By God's grace I will not surrender my renegade joy for religious smugness! #
  • I asked God for the grace to raise 3 girls to be strong, smart, good, caring women; and He answered that prayer. Yea God! #
  • RT @human3rror: A Case for WordPress: The Government – http://bit.ly/bBg5iK #
  • Leaders are readers; stewards of the status quo are skimmers. #
  • To give up your creativity for the promise of security is the height of stupidy. #
  • A great family is built around a great marriage not cute kids. #
  • Asking for help is not weakness it is wisdom. #
  • Do not make your spouse defend themselves in front of your children. #

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