Do I Really Have to Carry On a Conversation About Stuff I’m Not Interested In and Act Like I Care? – Today on The David and Paula Show

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.  There is not an area of life where we relate to people that the quality of our communication determines the capacity and extent of our relationship more than in marriage.  The most important place where communication is key, is at home between a husband and a wife.

So today on The David and Paula Show we’ll tackle this question, “Do I really have to listen to my wife talk about stuff I am totally uninterested in, pay attention, and act like I even care?”

Or the question that many women pose.  “All this guy thinks about is football and sports.  I am sick and tired.  He bores me to death. We have absolutely nothing in common.  What am I supposed to do?”

National statistics tell us that the average couple spends 4 minutes per day of meaningful conversation. What does that tell you?  Here’s what it tells me.  We have to become interested in each other again, like we were when we hung on every word that our future spouse said when we were dating.  Hear how you do it and why it’s important today on The David and Paula Show.

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