Do you know the answer to the business card question?

wozmetalproofI was at lunch in a Japanese restaurant in Chicago where a lot of business was being conducted. I noticed that when each Japanese business person introduced themselves, they always had a business card in hand to offer. The preliminary before lunch became the giving and exchanging of business cards.

Here are the questions I have. Do you have a business card? Do you have them with you? Does that business card have the vital information on there that allows the friend you just made or the contact you were just introduced to, to take your relationship to the next level?

More importantly, when you ask someone for their business card and they are unable to provide one, what does that tell you? Are they really someone who operates at high levels? Do they understand the importance of networking with others?

When you’re asked for your business card by someone this week, what will be your answer? “I don’t have them with me,” or “I don’t have any,” or “I don’t think that’s important.”

Here is my take. I tend to think they are important. And having them with just simply the vital information lets people know that you’re open and conducting business everywhere you go.

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