Don’t Make Samsung’s Mistake

If you’re involved in Twitter or online searching the internet, you’ve probably come across the YouTube version of Samsung’s new commercial bashing iPhone. It’s incredibly well done if the aim is to make fun of people.  And I’m not sure that should be the aim of any business, product or marketing.

Look at it for yourself and see if you don’t come away with that conclusion; that if you use an iPhone, you’re stupid.  You’re an idiot.   Well, studies have shown that people who use Mac products are highly educated.  And that’s not really even the point, is it?  You don’t sell your product by making your competitor’s buyers look stupid.  Apple has never done that.  No one has ever done it and won long-term, and I predict Samsung won’t either.

But you might say, “What about the ‘switcher’ ads that Apple ran against PC?”  Yes, and the very point of those ads is to compare the products.  John Hodgeman was the PC, not the PC user.  Remember that.  You can make fun of a product.  You can tell how yours is far superior.  But when you start making fun of people, even your competitor’s customers, to make your customers feel ok about buying your product, one day it’s going to come around and bite you hard.  You don’t sell and succeed by shaming, ridiculing, or making fun of people, period.

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