FMBS 014 John 1:39-2:12 Two Words That Change Everything

As we continue our verse-by-verse study of the Book of John, we are introduced to the disciples that Jesus is now gathering around Him.  And as they come around Him, each one of them is so transfixed with Jesus and who He is and what He’s here to do, he goes and finds his friend or his brother.  As they come around Jesus asking Him what He wants them to do, He simply says, “Follow me.”

These are the two words that change everything, aren’t they?  It’s not, “Admire me,” “Add me to your life,” or even, as I was told as a child, “Make a decision for me.”  That’s how my spiritual life began; down front, signing a “decision card.”  The next was to be baptized.  The next was to join the church, and after that was pretty much set. And yet Jesus never asked you to join the church. He never asked you to sign a decision card. He asked you to simply follow Him.  And as the disciples began to follow Him, He took them on a journey and an adventure they could only have imagined.

As we start Chapter 2, we see Jesus launching His public ministry at the most unlikely place – a public wedding, by doing the most unlikely miracle – turning the water into wine.  There’s a lot there, as we walk through these verses together.

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