FMBS 015 A Beautiful Anger

We continue, today, in our weekly verse-by-verse study of John by beginning with John 2:13.  Here are introduced the most intriguing aspects of Jesus’s ministry, of his ability to become angry and remain righteous and sinless, all at the same time.  Oftentimes we teach Christians that anger and frustration and other such emotions have no place in Christ or in the spiritual life.  And yet Christ was angry.  He got upset. He wasn’t just some nice pushover that people could treat just any way and he would “turn the other cheek.”

We are also introduced to another character, Nicodemus, a member of the Sanhedrin by night.  Without a doubt he got more than he bargained for and certainly a different story than he had heard before he met Jesus. Why did he come at night?  How did he respond?  And what does this story have to do with your life and mine in the modern world?  Why the phrase, you must be born again, makes all the difference in your relationship with God and your future.

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