FMBS 021 Mastering the Art of Missing the Point

Today we begin in John Chapter 6. We go through the first 15 verses.  This is the famous account of Jesus feeding the tens of thousands with a few loaves of bread and fish.

This is an illustration of God’s provision.  It’s an authentication of Christ as the Messiah.  And it also a teaching moment for his disciples.

After all that Jesus had done to “wow” the crowd, what they really fall in love with is not Jesus, but the fact that Jesus is now their own private restaurant.  If they could only make him King, he could supply all their needs, all their wishes, set them free, return them to national pride.  They missed the entire point, as we often do today.  We so easily fall in love with what God can do for us, rather than who God is to us, through us, and in us.

How many times have you gotten mad and angry at God because He didn’t perform up to your expectations and standards?  But make no mistake about it. As in Jesus’s day with the feeding of the tens of thousands, He’s not the one on trial.  We are. We are the ones who have a chance to reject religion and embrace a real relationship; a relationship in which God is God, and we are His created beings.  Where the Father loves His children.  Where the children obey their Father.  Where we worship and adore, pay homage and sacrifice to the One who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.

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