FMBS 025 You Think You’re Free, But You’re Not

We continue in our study of the Book of John with Chapter 8, verse 12 and finish with verse 58.

One of the key messages of Jesus is that if you know Him you know the truth, and if you the truth, the truth will set you free.  The response of the Pharisees is that they had never been in bondage, so they didn’t need to be set free.  How blind is the person who is in bondage to his sin, his opinions, or his fears, and doesn’t realize not only does he need to be set free, the One who can set him free is standing right in front of him?

As you share today’s study with your small groups or friends and your family, ask yourself these questions: “Are we really free?  Are we living in freedom? What does it mean to be free in Christ?  What does it mean to be free from?  What does it mean to be free under?  And what does it mean to be free for? This is the trinity of freedom that Chirist offers.

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