FMBS 028 John 11: Jesus Promises the Impossible

Let’s get something straight.  Jesus Christ is God, is the Savior, no doubts, no ifs, no ands, and no compromises.  Anyone who tells you any differently is lying to you.

That having been said, you might ask, “How can you be so sure?”  Well, Jesus was.  So sure, that in John 11 He promised to raise the dead.  And not only raise the dead, but He promised that those who believed in Him, trusted Him, accepted Him, embraced Him in a personal connected relationship of Savior to the one needing to be saved, that after this life, we would live. Death would not be the final note, but death would be defeated.  The sting of death, the victory of death is gone forever for those who are in Christ.

What does it say about those who aren’t in Christ?  It means there is no hope; absolutely nothing but desolation; a future so horrible that the Bible describes it as hell.  Now, can this be true?  As true as the other.  The opposites do exist.  That’s why it is imperative for the simple gospel message to be heard, and people be given a choice and a chance to receive it or to reject it.

As a Christian, I can accept people saying “no” to Christ.  It’s their right.  As a matter of fact, it’s their right between them and God; not me.  I can’t save you.  I can’t even save myself.  I can’t save the world, and I don’t need to save Jesus.  But here it is: Jesus promises the impossible.  Life – eternal life – and though we die in this life, we awaken in a place called Heaven. A future in eternity, better and more glorious than anything we can ever imagine.  That is something to not be missed, nor can it be compromised.

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