From Top of the Line to Top of the Mind

Growing up, I was impressed by TV commercials and advertisements in magazines to help me identify top of the line items.  And not only could I tell what top of the line looked like, I also wanted it badly enough to spend lots and lots and lots of money to get it.

I’ve learned over the years that “top of the line” can be way overrated. I’ve bought top of the line cars, electronics, and clothes, only to be disappointed that what I really bought was average stuff with a high price and an inflated marketing budget.

How has our world changed?  We’ve gone from “top of the line” to “top of the mind.”

With everything that calls for the attention of the people you’re there to serve, your promise for service needs to be more top of the mind than top of the line.  In these days of social media and all the other ways in which we’re able to push content out, it’s more important than ever to be top of the mind.

Is your church on the minds of those you exist to serve?  Is your company’s service on the top of the minds of those that you exist to help?  Does you family know that even though you are away from them that they are top of the mind in your heart and soul?

Seth Godin calls it being remarkable; the principle of the purple cow.  I call it being so interesting and compelling that people think about you even when they’re not thinking about you.

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