Helping Good Guys Grow Great

Tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM we will launch our Gathering 4 Guys.  The mission is to help good guys grow great.

Beginning with the first words of his best-selling book, “Good to Great,” Jim Collins says this:  “The reason that there are few things that are great is because there are so many things that are good.”  And what he means is that we have settled for good. And we do have, in America, a lot of good guys, nice guys, guys that are trying to do the right thing and hoping everything turns out OK.

But where are the guys who are aspiring to greatness; I mean true greatness, the kind of greatness that was wired into us by our Creator?  Well, beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00 at The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee, a bunch of us guys are going to begin a journey together learning how we can truly grow our lives to be great: great for God, great for our families, and great for the world that needs good, strong man-up men to show up.

If you haven’t noticed lately, we’re in the midst of what I call the “buffoonication” of the American male.  I mean watch TV and what do you see?  Men are stupid, slow, unfaithful, narcissistic, and unwilling to commit.

I think that’s a lie.  I think there are a lot of good men who just need some help to truly grow great. And that’s what we’re going to do for the next six weeks.

This is our way of changing the world.  What are you doing?

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