How Good is Your “Moo” and Why You Need to Lower Your Standards

Everywhere I go I meet people who have a story to tell, a song to write, a book to offer, a business to start, a risk to take.  And yet these same people will waste a lifetime worrying about the fact that they are not qualified.  No one has picked them and given them permission to “moo” out loud.

What I’ve found is that people worry about how their “moo” will sound. That of course is an analogy for how their book will be received, their song will be recorded, or how their creative efforts may or may not be applauded.  The question is, however your “moo” sounds, whatever your skill level or talent level, you should go ahead and “moo” out loud.  In some sense, you need to lower your standards.

I’ve come across literally thousands of people in my life who could have been amazing but they were waiting to perfect their talent, their skill, their manuscript, their lyrics, their melody line.  They were waiting for favorable marketing conditions and died with their music still in them.

Go ahead and “moo.” I give you permission.  I guarantee you that the “moo” you can “moo” today won’t be as great as the one you can “moo” tomorrow.  But the key is, you’ve gotta start mooing; mooing here, mooing now.  Lower your standards of perfection.  Think about this.  How about acceptable?  How about just good?  How about that? How about the best I can do with what I have, where I am, with the time I’m allotted?  There you go.  That’s the definition of excellence.  If you don’t believe me, check out my book, Accept No Mediocre Life.

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