How to be Sure You’re a Christian: Today @ The Gathering

Today we continued our series “Yea God!” with the installment entitled, “Yea God: Your Way is the High-Way.”

I’m afraid sometimes we go to church and assume too much.  We assume we understand what the gospel is, or that we even hear it.

So today we took a step back just to make absolutely, positively sure that we are not just going through the motions; that we have a true, life-changing, eternity-altering relationship with God.

We talked about some of the things people rely on to make them Christians that will fail them in the future.  And then we talked about the five steps to make absolutely, positively sure that you are on the High Way, the right road back to God in full redemption.

If you know someone who is questioning their faith, whether or not it’s real, genuine, and life-changing; whether their connection with Christ is more than just religious activity, today’s podcast is for you.

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