How to Break the Silence and Start Communicating Constructively in Your Marriage and Family

Today @ The Gathering we continued with installment #5 in our current series “Accept No Mediocre Marriage: The Top Ten Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Say ‘I do.’”  We talked about the importance of communication in marriage.

We talked about the power of words: the powers to heal or to hurt, to elevate or to devastate, to bring together or tear apart.  One of the most important things we need to understand about communication is that God gave us the power to talk not so that we could be right, but so that we could be close.

The truth is, most of us have never had good models of effective communication.  So today we talked about four out of the seven essentials of effective communication.  We said communication needs to be constructive, centered, compassionate, and clear.

We also talked about the single best way to break the silence and start talking especially if you’ve not been communicating over time.  Listen to today’s podcast to get answers that will help you change your marriage and your family forever.

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