How to Break the Silence That’s Keeping You Apart and Pushing You Toward Divorce: Tomorrow @ The Gathering

This weekend we continue in our present series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage: the Top Ten Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Say, ‘I do,’” with a talk about communications and how important it is to learn how to talk to one another.

Isn’t it amazing that before you get married it seems like you can’t shut each other up?  You find each other’s conversation and humor just mesmerizing.  But not long after you say, “I do,” it seems as though the silence between you is deafening.

Tomorrow at The Gathering we’re going to talk about the four absolute essentials of effective communication in marriage.  Here is the problem with these skills: no one teaches them to you. But they are right there in the Scriptures.  Jesus uses them.  All healthy communicators use them.  And yet somehow they never get passed on from father to son, or mother to daughter.

Tomorrow at The Gathering would be a great day to bring some friends who are in a marriage that is stuck and drifting apart because they can’t find a way to carry on a meaningful conversation.  Statistics tell us that in America, the average married couple talks to each other 4 minutes a day.  No one can survive under those kinds of conditions.  Even good people will lose their marriage if they don’t learn how to communicate effectively on a consistent basis.

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