How to Create the Future Today

Way too many of us and especially those who call ourselves Christians are wandering generalities, not understanding why we’re here and what we’re supposed to do.  We believe that our relationship with God should fill our life with meaning and purpose. And yet we still struggle.

One of the most important aspects of life with God is the fact that each one of us has the responsibility to teach, to teach what we’re observing, to teach what we’re learning; not to yell, not to scream, not to respond to culture as evil; but to look at the world and see how a relationship with God helps us make better culture.

In my new series, “Teachology: How to Live Beyond Your Life,” we talk about the four main characteristics of those who’ve developed the heart of the teacher.  Today we talked about culture-makers.  We talked about the three approaches to culture.  We surveyed the state of American Christianity, and how we’re doing in making better culture.  We defined what teaching is, and what it’s not; and helped each one of us to understand that wherever we are and whatever we do as we develop the heart of a teacher, our life takes on significance, purpose, and importance.  And every single day in accordance with actions or inactions we make, or fail to make, we’re creating the future.

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