How to Honor Your Differences Without Driving Each Other Crazy: Today on The David and Paula Show

You knew when you got married you had differences; differences that you knew you had to come to agreement upon: things like character, beliefs, values, vision for your future, expectations.  But you also know that there are differences that aren’t going to go away.

These differences are represented in things like personality, style, moods, times of day when you are most creative, times of the month when you are most emotional.  You get the point.

So today David and Paula deal with how you honor the differences in each other, how you turn those differences into strengths in your relationship rather than being annoyed and relentlessly trying to change what should be acknowledged and used to the advantage of your marriage and family.

Join us for the David and Paula Show this morning at 10:00 Central time, as we give time-tested advice on how to live, love, and have a life all at the same time.

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