How to Remember What You Shouldn’t Forget

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there.  This is the day we set aside to remember those who have gone before us and sacrificed for our freedom. I have one message today, and that is, be careful. Be careful because it is easy to forget that we stand on the shoulders of giants.  It’s easy to forget, especially when you’re going through a difficult time, that the worst day in America is better than the best day in almost every other part of the world. So I invite you today, to remember.

How do you remember what you shouldn’t forget?  Develop an attitude of gratitude, humility, and childlike wonder. Keep these three close to your heart every day.  Resist the cynic and the unbeliever who cast fear wherever they go.

One of the greatest gifts God gives any of us is the ability to remember the good times.  It’s what keeps those who pass away with us.  It’s what helps us revisit old places where great things happen, and be filled with joy.

Happy Memorial Day.  Don’t forget to remember and be grateful, be joyful, be humble, and be filled with wonder.

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