I Didn’t Sign Up for This

Have you ever gotten to a place in your life where you are frustrated, nothing is going right, and you’ve just blurted out, “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this!”?

It could be in your work, your marriage, college, kids; a thousand different causes, but one result – you wind up disappointed.

Would you be surprised to know that God is the author of most disappointment? And yet you say, “I thought God was good and God wanted me to be happy.”  He does.  That’s why He makes it so almost everything you’ll ever touch will disappoint you.  Because if it doesn’t, you’ll try to find your joy, your completeness and your purpose in your things or the people around you.  And for God to let you do that would not be good.

So today we talk about not only how to be really disappointed and the three sure-fire things you can do, but also highlighting the truth about what God wants to do to not only make you complete and make you happy, but best of all, fill you with delight.

If you know somebody who is frustrated with life and disappointed with how things are turning out, this talk is just for them.

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