I Want an Ironclad Guarantee

As we continued our present series, “Fear Less, Live More: Getting through life in one peace,” we dealt with the fear of commitment.

How many times have I heard people say, “If I knew it would work, if I knew it would succeed, if it was a sure thing, I would have signed on.”  We fear commitment because nothing we do from marriage to starting a new career, a job, or entering into a new relationship comes with an ironclad guarantee.

Here is the truth.  Your life will be the sum total of the choices and commitments you make. And once you make those commitments, those commitments make you. So today we talked about why it’s hard to make and keep commitments, and then the five key benefits that come to those who understand how important commitment is.  If you’ve had trouble sticking to one thing, staying and finishing projects or relationships, or commitments, this lesson is a must. It shows you the benefits that come to those who make a few big commitments and spend the rest of their lives living those commitments out to their complete fruition and reward.

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