If You Love Your Wife, Everything Else is Fixable. If You Don’t, Nothing Matters

It is a true statement that “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, period.”

Maybe you’ve heard that.  It’s said a lot here in Tennessee.  But I’ve seen it to be true in so many lives.  Paula and I have sat across the table from famous and rich people who seem to have everything else in the world going for them, except the love of their spouse.

We’ve also sat across the table from people of modest means who seem not to have been able to accumulate a lot of this world’s toys and things that we associate with success.  And yet, from them comes a sense of serenity, confidence and joy that emanates not from a life filled with things, but a life filled with love.

Guys, here’s what I want to say to all of you out there.  If you love your wife, everything else is fixable – your career, your hopes and dreams for the future, getting another job, even getting out of the hospital and getting healthy again.

It’s like the core, the anchor of a man in a woman’s life.  If you are deeply in love with your spouse, that’s the strength around which everything you achieve outside your home has meaning.  So here is what I would say to all you guys and gals out there: work hard at making sure that you are deeply, profoundly, head-over-heels, slap-dab silly, goofy in love with your spouse.  Tell them so.  Court them, flirt with them.  Make sure everyday you send them texts and emails; ways in which they know you love them.  And out of that core, that fire, that joy, that energy will come all the success you can handle, in every way; not just in things money can buy, but all the things money can’t buy.

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